[BKO] knoppix 6.2.1 init patch

Ladislav Pecho lada at hkfree.org
Thu Mar 25 20:38:53 UTC 2010


I am sending a patch for the init script in knoppix 6.2.1 ramdisk
which allows booting over httpfs.
I used minirt.gz which can be obtained after booting knoppix and
running "preferences"->"terminal server", which configures an NFS boot
server. A new ramdisk containing network drivers is created in

this ramdisk after applying my patch for the init script and after
adding /bin/fusermount and /bin/httpfs should be invoked from pxelinux
like this:
append nfsdir=httpfs=http://ip/file.iso ......

I decided this approach, because we can use the network initialisation
code for NFS that is already in the init script and it is guaranteed
that networking won't get broken later by /etc/init.d/... scripts,
because they check for nfsdir variable.

However, I encountered a slight problem with DNS - although pinging
hostnames at boot time is working fine and I can even see reverse
names, httpfs won't resolve the IP address od the http server if
specified as a hostname. I tried httpfs2 package (I added libraries
shown by ldd and those that I could see using strace into the
However, booting gets stuck right after calling the real init. Using
an IP address in the URL works fine.

I wasn't able to compile my own httpfs which would be linked
statically. If you share with me how to do this, I can give it a try.
But I believe that my patch will save you some hacking time and the
httpfs binary is not a big deal for you.

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