Tiago Maluta tiago.maluta at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 15:11:02 UTC 2010


I was looking for Gsoc2010 ideas at kernel.org and found the topic
about boot.kernel.org improvements. I'm very enthusiastic about this
project and the possibilities. I'm considering apply for one of the
tasks listed on wiki:

- Addition of more distributions in the live images (I'm a Gentoo user
so I think it's a great idea support it on BKO)
- Clean-ups to the build process
- I need study, but wireless support would be a plus.

Among this topics, I have an idea and would discuss here before.

I have and BeagleBard and I think that running boot.kernel.org inside
that would be great. We have many traditional Linux flavors such as
Angstrom and Ubuntu running on ARM, but I think that we could prepare
the environment to run other Linux flavors such as Maemo and Android.
As BB doesn't have an Ethernet PHY I'm considering using an
USB/Ethernet (based on AXIX chip).

What BKO developers think about?

Best regards,


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